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Blogue Rose des champs

Rose des Champs

Celebrate love with a rose cocktail.

Here is the famous Gin Tonic reinvented under the theme of the rose.

An ideal drink to live a memorable moment with those you love.

Rose cocktail.

Portion: 2


2 ounces gin

5 tsp Rose des champs syrup

5 tsp Rose des champs water

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 can of tonic soda (or San pellegrino grapefruit)

1 tsp dried rose petals

2 lime wedges

Crushed ice cream

Step 1

Fill glasses with crushed ice and add one ounce of gin per glass.

Step 2

Combine rose syrup, rose water and lime juice in a container.

Step 3

Pour the mixture into both glasses.

Step 4

Add tonic soda (or San Pellegrino grapefruit).

Step 5

Decorate each glass with a lime wedge and dried rose petals.



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