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Rose des Champs


Self-care with roses. It’s been a wild year and there is arguably nothing more relaxing than taking a few minutes for yourself at the end of the day to give your mind and body the relaxation we all (so desperately!) need these days. And the ultimate reward for these long, winter days is only a bathtub full of water and Rose des Champs products away!

Adding  Rose Salt to your bathwater is sure to bring your next soak to another level.

A blend of epsom salts, rose serum, and rose petals, Rose Salt sprinkled into your warm tub water adds therapeutic and aromatic benefits and will surely be helpful in putting your aches and wandering mind back in their place. And while you’re soaking, get sudsy with our locally handmade Rose Soap to get some exfoliation & hydration all in one during these dry days of winter.

Love starts from within, something I think we can all mostly agree on lately. Feeling relaxed and calm on the inside is sure to spread to all aspects of our lives. The difficulty is getting to that place or finding the time to dedicate to ourselves and creating that love from within so that we can begin projecting it onto others and into our everyday lives. If we are able to consciously take a few minutes everyday, close the bathroom door, and give ourselves some “me” time-whether it’s 2 minutes or half an hour, it’s almost impossible to not begin feeling some gratitude for our bodies and our soul.

And of course with Valentine’s Day right around the corner there’s nothing more connecting with either just yourself or your partner than running a bath to nurture that connection from within.


So whether you’re alone or with your hunny, turn the tap on, sprinkle some salts in that tub, add a few extra petals to get the mood (and that Instagram shot) just right- your mind, body, and soul will certainly not regret it.

So treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and have a soak with us !

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