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It’s almost time for the most wonderful season of all; ROSE WATER SEASON! I guess some people might call it summer, but around here we like to think of it as the time to put on our rose-coloured spectacles and wake up to smell the… roses! Okay, okay I’ll stop now, but seriously nothing says summer more than being able to walk around smelling all those fresh florals in bloom. And since we can’t always be the ones out doing the picking (*ahem, thanks to Karine the owner!) we CAN experience rose in all it’s glory by adding rose water to even our most basic summer adventures. 

Here are our Top 5 ways you can enjoy the light & uplifting benefits of rose water for this upcoming summer.

TOP 1 – Spray face with rose water

I know we’ve said this before once or twice, but once you start spritzing your face daily with rose water you are never going to look back. It’s a subtle reminder of summer all year long and feels extra good when those temps get so high that we’re melting. Oh and have we mentioned the Quebec rose water is rejuvenating, tonic, hydrating and astringent? Because it is!

TOP 2 -Cold drink with rose water

Summer drinks, can’t live without ‘em! Add rose water to your next glass of sparkling water for a little boost. All it takes is 1 teaspoon of rose water in your drink and a few petals for garnish. Not into the fizzy stuff? Try a cold infusion rose tea by infusing our loose leaf rose tea for 1-2 days in water in the fridge and voila! Summer in a glass! And if you like it sweet, a splash of rose syrup should do the trick.

TOP 3 – Rose Water Ice Cream

Ice cream + 1 tbsp rose water. Need I say more?!

TOP 4- Hair care with roses

Do you want people to think they’re in a rose field in your presence? (Yes). Add rose water to your shampoo and/or conditioner for an extra soft, hydrating wash that will have people you walk by asking “wait, what is that glorious smell?!” If you’re in a pinch, a quick rinse with rose water is a sure-fire way to hold you over when the heat waves strike. And why not add a little Quebec rose serum on your wet tips after showering? Your hair will be smooth and silky!

TOP 5 – Rose water After Sun

And finally, when that humidity is making you break out and your skin is getting hit with all that UV, using rose water as a skin toner will freshen and cleanse your pores to give you that dewy, mid-summer glow all season long.

And there you go! Don’t hesitate to write us to tell us how you use our 100% Quebec rose water on a daily basis?

Take care of yourself!

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