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Adding a rose ritual to your day (with rose water, rose petals, etc.) is a great way to be present in your body and connect with your heart. In a world that seems to run at triple speed these days, setting a few minutes aside for yourself each day can be so beneficial. A ritual can be anything that we do that we attach intention to, guiding our energy and awareness into the present moment, and celebrating its purpose. It is important we do this to slow our minds and open our hearts.

Doing this with mindfulness allows the process to not become automatic or forced so it does not become just another action, but rather a moment to truly calm our mind, bodies, and connect with our soul.

At Rose des Champs, our slogan is that Love starts from within. Rose is the symbol of the heart chakra after all, so adding it to our daily routine will only help remind us to carry love forward through each day, cleanse our minds, and be open to healing.

If you want to try adding rose to your routine, there’s plenty of things you could do. By making a conscious effort to be present the benefits of the rose flower can guide you. You can set your own ritual or incorporate some of our owner Karine’s own ritual into your own:

Rose Ritual
  1. Almost every morning I take a glass of water and add rose water in it.
  2. I go into my meditation room, spray myself with rose water, spray the room and my rose quartz stone (which is decorated with dried rose petals around).
  3. I make the Tibetan bowl vibrate and take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
  4. Furthermore, I send a positive intention into the universe to have a beautiful day.
  5. Finally, I choose a card to align my day.
  6. And when my heart tells me so, I do 10 minutes of yoga, stretching or meditation.

Using rose in our daily rituals, we remind ourselves to keep our hearts open physically and spiritually.

And setting up rituals with intention doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Something as small as giving your face a spritz of rose water while being grateful for your health can be enough to set the tone for the day and find that connection within. 

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