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champs de rose

Rose des Champs

salmon recipe a la rose - bbq flower summer - rose syrup - rose vinegar

So by now we all know that rose products are amazing for topical purposes, but they can also be added to almost any dish you could think of! And with summer in full swing, flowers blooming and grills being fired up, you need to try adding rose to your next grilled dish. We like to use the rose syrup in a marinade, along with rose vinegar which also goes incredibly well in a dressing.  And what pairs better with the soft, rose floral notes than your favorite fish grilled on the BBQ and some veggies straight from the garden!

During Rose des Champs‘ appearance on L’Épicerie at Radio-Canada’s, chef Christian Fréchette from De Toni restaurant demonstrated very well how to prepare a salmon with roses.

Salmon a la Rose

As you can saw at L’Épicerie show on Radio-Canada’s, Chef Christian Fréchette from Restaurant DeToni has great tips on how to make a perfectly grilled salmon with rose products. He starts by marinating the salmon in a mixture of rose syrup and oil to infuse the florals into your salmon. Lightly grill the salmon on both sides but just enough so that centre still remains with a touch of pink. Separately, he grills some marinated onions with dried chile peppers, a touch of salt and a spoonful of rose vinegar with 2 spoons of oil. Let this fry up in a pan just to melt all the flavors together and top it off on the salmon. Pair this with a tasty vegetable base for your salmon dish with some fresh garden vegetables. For Chef Christian Frechette’s salmon recipe a la rose, click here.

Have fun trying recipes with Quebec roses!

Chef Fréchette uses a mixture of chioggia beets and rose petals but here’s our own take on a wonderful fresh side made with a rose vinaigrette. But of course, you can use your imagination to try your own side roses recipe.

Rose Vinaigrette

1/3 cup olive oil

2 Tbsp Rose des Champs Rose Vinegar (optional: with marinated raspberries)

1 Tsp rose syrup

Salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste

1 small shallot, minced

1 tbsp basil, minced

1 tbsp rose petals

First, if you want, try marinating some raspberries in with your rose vinegar for a few days to add a bit of sweetness to the vinegar. Then, take the following ingredients, mix it up, and toss it in with some fresh greens from the garden, cherry tomates and top it with some rose petals.

You’ll be wanting to fire up the BBQ all year long after having this dish- it doesn’t get any more fresh tasting than this!

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